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Camaro SS
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Camaro SS by Other Countries (32 cars listed)
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 1996 0010 Camaro SS SLP Valid Pablo Venereo FL, USA
Alive 1996 C070 Camaro SS SLP Mapleleaf Valid Jan Wahlberg Tumba, Sweden
Alive 1996 1171 Camaro SS SLP Valid Glenn Hodge Sydney, NSW Australia
Alive 1996 1797 Camaro SS SLP Valid Brett Parker Auckland, NZ New Zealand
Alive 1996 2286 Camaro SS SLP Valid Michael Carrington Derby, Derbyshire United Kingdom
Fake 1996 Fake Car Camaro SS SLP Valid Carlos Eavis Bedford, Bedfordshire England
Alive 1997 0042 Camaro SS SLP Valid Abdullah Awad Kuwait City, Kuwait
Alive 1997 C055 Camaro SS SLP Mapleleaf Valid Paul Yorkshire Worthing, SUSSEX United Kingdom
Alive 1997 1054 Camaro SS SLP Valid Bruce Bryan Cambridge, New Zealand
Alive 1997 1170 AE Camaro SS SLP Valid Kirk Emsley Blackpool, Lancashire England
Alive 1997 2337 Camaro SS SLP Valid Tommy Karlsson Falkenberg, Sweden
Alive 1998 C045 Camaro SS SLP Mapleleaf Valid Thomas Wallman Jarfalla, SE Sweden
Alive 1998 0403 Camaro SS SLP Valid Guillermo Sandoval Guadalajara, PX Mexico
Alive 1998 1809 Camaro SS SLP Valid Anders Bornelind Sollentuna, ST Sweden
Alive 1999 0350 Camaro SS SLP Valid KÃ¥re Eivind Vilvang Karlstad, SE SWEDEN
Alive 1999 1179 Camaro SS SLP Valid Johnny Harper III Mt. Solon, VA United States
Alive 2000 4150 Camaro SS SLP Valid Bob Bennett Stavanger, Rogaland Norway
Alive 2000 8056 Camaro SS SLP Valid Rodrigo Campos Chihuahua, Chihuahua Mexico
Alive 2001 C133 Camaro SS SLP Mapleleaf Valid Gary Williams Reading, UK
Alive 2001 0551 Camaro SS SLP Valid Torres Acosta Enrique H. Caborca, Sonora Mexico
Alive 2001 1064 Camaro SS SLP Valid Robert Priestap Geilenkirchen, NY Germany
Alive 2001 3174 Camaro SS SLP Valid Ali Raed Bahrain, Bahrain Bahrain
Alive 2001 5626 Camaro SS SLP Valid Torres Acosta Enrique H. Caborca, Sonora Mexico
Alive 2002 C075 AE Camaro SS SLP Mapleleaf Valid Markus Zollinger Dietlikon, ZH Switzerland
Alive 2002 4245 Camaro SS SLP Valid Tord Hellman Vesteras, Sweden
Alive 2002 4648 Camaro SS SLP Valid Goran Sjodahl Vasteras, SW Sweden
Alive 2002 6925 Camaro SS SLP Valid Marcus Kruumlger Leinzell, Baden Wuumlrttemberg Germany
Alive 2002 8468 Camaro SS SLP Valid Ahmad Arab Mubark Alkaber, KW Kuwait
Alive 2010 0027 Camaro SS SLP Valid Mirko Stanic Paris, PA France
Alive 2010 0035 ZL550 Camaro SS SLP Valid Wael Samman Dubai, CA UAE
Alive 2010 0106 Camaro SS SLP Valid Michael Bonnet Oersta, Norway
Alive 2010 0116 ZL575 Camaro SS SLP Valid Robert Wagner Veenoord, Netherlands

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