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Camaro SS by Option: SLP 1LE Suspension Package (44 cars listed)
This performance suspension system, now being offered exclusively by SLP, includes double adjustable Koni Shocks. (n/a on convertible or with Bilstein Suspension Package)

1LE suspension is back, and now offered exclusively by SLP. It includes Koni double adjustable front and rear shocks allowing you to "tune" your suspension to your specific handling needs. Front upper and lower control arms are tightened up with stiffer rubber bushings. Hollow 35mm front swaybar significantly reduces body roll. Includes revised endlinks, reinforced body mount brackets and firmer bushings. Rear lower control arms with firmer bushings reduce wheel hop under heavy acceleration. Larger 21mm rear swaybar and bushings decrease body roll. Package also includes Koni shock adjustment tool.
Status Year Build # Model VIN Owner Location
Alive 2001 C001 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Darrin Mah Vancouver, BC
Alive 2001 1064 Camaro SS Valid Robert Priestap Geilenkirchen, NY
Alive 2001 1632 Camaro SS Valid Phil Amor, SD
Alive 2001 4003 Camaro SS Valid Michael Stuart Chatham, Ontario
Alive 2001 4475 Camaro SS Valid Fred Giffels Greenville, SC
Alive 2001 4626 Camaro SS Valid Chris Light Cleveland, TN
Alive 2001 4869 Camaro SS Valid Brian Griggs Fort Wayne, IN
Alive 2001 5308 Camaro SS Valid Charles Rankin Highlands, TX
Alive 2002 0018 Camaro SS Valid Daniel Hernandez Harlingen, TX
Alive 2002 C098 Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Raj Kang Delta, BC
Alive 2002 C165 AE Camaro SS Mapleleaf Valid Leighton MacMillan Utopia, Ontario
Alive 2002 0348 Camaro SS Valid Chris Owens Chesapeake, VA
Alive 2002 1198 Camaro SS Valid Julius V Cantu Cedar Park, TX
Alive 2002 1247 Camaro SS Valid Dustin Sharp Santa Fe, TX
Alive 2002 1431 Camaro SS Valid Mike Knight Jr Waco, TX
Alive 2002 1647 Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 1719 Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 1811 Camaro SS Valid Kenneth Yates North Aurora, IL
Alive 2002 1874 Camaro SS Valid Randy Hackney Hazard, KY
Alive 2002 1944 Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 2258 Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 2545 Camaro SS Valid Robert McKee Fenton, MI
Alive 2002 2634 Camaro SS Valid Jeff Carlson Cleveland, OH
Alive 2002 2791 Camaro SS Valid Lou Albano Bohemia, NY
Alive 2002 3189 Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 3883 Camaro SS Valid Mike Gray Frankfort, IL
Alive 2002 4107 AE Camaro SS Valid Rick Smiley Akron, OH
Alive 2002 4201 Camaro SS Valid Jared Rawls Clarksville, TN
Alive 2002 Unknown Camaro SS Valid Unknown Owner
Alive 2002 4475 Camaro SS Valid Justin baker Olive branch, MS
Alive 2002 5112 Camaro SS Valid Paul F Toliver Ronceverte, WV
Alive 2002 5576 Camaro SS Valid Travis Martin Miami, FL
Alive 2002 6438 Camaro SS Valid Joshua Freeman Amarillo, TX
Alive 2002 6694 Camaro SS Valid George Eischen Fairview, OK
Alive 2002 7185 Camaro SS Valid Jack Lee Walpole, MA
Alive 2002 7193 Camaro SS Valid James Russell Caledonia, Ontario
Alive 2002 7212 Camaro SS Valid Frank Caparelli Richmond Hill, Ontario
Alive 2002 7432 Camaro SS Valid David DeWitt Waverly, OH
Alive 2002 7489 Camaro SS Valid Christopher Murphy Fort Walton Beach, FL
Alive 2002 7947 Camaro SS Valid Greg Reo Troy, NY
Alive 2002 8225 Camaro SS Valid Kevin Langel Norfolk, NE
Alive 2002 8229 Camaro SS Valid Roger Schenk Canyon, TX
Alive 2002 9512 Camaro SS Valid Mark Arcaro Allentown, NJ

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